The T4T platform can support the gathering of essential weapons technical intelligence for force protection, evidence for human rights investigations, data points on threats to the protection of civilians, and information for generating a common operating picture for mediation efforts.

Human rights and international humanitarian law Investigations

Human rights and international law investigators’ capacity for arms and ammunition analysis is often weak despite these weapons being the primary tools to commit human rights abuses. T4T’s platform will allow the systematic collection of relevant data that meets admissibility standards and can be used by non-expert investigators.

Measuring progress towards development goals

More systematically collected data on arms and ammunition flows, cross-referenced with data on armed violence victimisation and casualty reporting will significantly enhance states’ abilities to measure progress towards meeting Sustainable Development Goal Target 16.4, and also inform progress towards 16.1.

Criminal investigations

T4T’s platform provides a secure means of capturing, storing and managing crime scene evidence for investigations and for comparison with forensic data from other sources, complimenting traditional ballistics systems to provide a more holistic evidentiary picture for investigations.

Sanctions and arms embargo monitoring

Arms embargo monitoring is hindered by the lack of a centralised repository for relevant data, despite calls by the UN Security Council for the collection and sharing of this information by peacekeepers, bilateral missions, UN expert investigation panels, and member states.

Investigative journalism

In the hands of independent, fact-based investigative journalist, T4T’s platform will deeper reporters’ ability to analyse arms and ammunition flows and to ask the right questions about the presence of significant quantities of particular weapons in contexts of both international conflict and local crime.

Public health policy interventions

T4T-generated data captured and analysed using geo-analytics can provide insights into the relative use of different kinds of ammunition in particular types of crimes, allowing for public health and policymakers to zero in on specific weapons and criminal elements with tailored interventions.

Evidence management and support for prosecutions

T4T’s platform will be deliberately designed to have a unique utility for evidence management, so that investigations do not run afoul of problems with the authentication of chain of custody, admissibility, and other standards of evidence management, and will bring new technology, such as blockchain and QR codes, that have transformed other sectors, to domestic and international prosecutions.


Arms and ammunition proliferation and trafficking directly fuel Wildlife crime, including the poaching of many endangered species of mammals and birds. In the hands of Park Rangers and Police, T4T’s illicit ammunition ID and Tracing app could be used to build a detailed picture of the market diversion and trafficking networks that supply poachers with ammunition both locally and globally. This information is often under-exploited but is critical for states to take action to disrupt this illicit supply, acting as a brake on the illegal wildlife trade.