3D Modelling


Tech 4 Tracing is partnering with VFRAME on a project designed to create 3D models and capture sample data for developing and enhancing computer vision object detection technologies for munitions used in conflict zones.

VFRAME researches and develops state-of-the-art computer vision technologies for application to human rights research and conflict zone monitoring.

During the winter of 2022 VFRAME and T4T partnered to develop a 3D model of the 9N235 submunition that has frequently appeared in the war in Ukraine. This model will be used to create synthetic training data for object detection algorithms and high-accuracy 3D printed replicas for benchmarking purposes.

For more information, and to download high resolution images, visit https://vframe.io/about/collaborations/t4t.

Photogrammetry scan of the 9N235 submunition. Image credit: Adam Harvey / VFRAME.io. Image license: CC-BY-NC 4.0.
Sample annotated 9N235/210 submunition. Image credit: Adam Harvey / VFRAME.io. License: CC-BY-NC 4.0.
Initial mission to capture the 9N235 and AO-2.5RT submunitions (right) and cartridge headstamps (left). Conducted in partnership with the Swiss EOD Centre. All munitions pictured are inert and free from explosives. Image license and credit: © Adam Harvey / VFRAME.io.